Dr. Steven C. Warren, DC

Traditional Chiropractic, Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy

Dr. Kathy Warren, DC, QNCP

Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner

Nutritional Therapy, Arthrostim ®, Vibracussor ®, Rapid Release ® Therapy, Oxygen Therapy

Neuroemotional Technique ® (NET), Essential Oil Therapy, AromaTouch® Technique,

Prokinetics ® feet support




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Dr. Kathy Warren, DC,QNCP


Dr. Steven C. Warren, DC


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About Dr. Kathy:


I first became interested in Chiropractic as a very small child. I was birthed by a chiropractor, and grew up being treated by chiropractic as my father, and my aunt were both doctors of chiropractic. I always had a desire to help improve health through nutrition, chiropractic, and exercise.


I attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, which is now called Southern California Institute of Health Sciences. I have been trained in Diversified Technique, SOT, Gonstead, Logan, and Applied Kinesiology.


In continuing education I have spent many hours learning a technique developed by Dr. George Gonzalez of Los Angeles, called Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. This is a very unique therapy that incorporates LED red light and an infrared light device called a GRT light, also developed by Dr. George Gonzalez. In addition to the GRT light, I also use a gentle therapy device called Arthrostim®, as well as manual manipulation of extremities to accomplish improved biomechanical and neurological function.


Additionally, I use Contact Reflex Analysis TM, combined with Quantum Neurology® Nerve Specific Nutrition TM, testing and protocol, to help my patients achieve their highest level of health. I have been utilizing Standard Process Labs nutritional supplements for 25+ years. I have not found any other supplementation as biologically efficient, effective, and active in the human body for improving health. Standard Process Labs have been in the nutritional supplement business for almost 80 solid years.


In my 15 plus years of practice, I have found this unique neurological therapy, of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, combined with proper nutrition, to improve, and help rehabilitate all kinds of spine, joint, and a diversity of health problems.



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