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Neuroemotional Technique ® (NET), Essential Oil Therapy, AromaTouch® Technique,

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Dr. Kathy Warren, DC,QNCP


Dr. Steven C. Warren, DC


Wellness Check

When a patient comes to me for rehabilitation and guidance about their health, I take a multidisciplinary approach. Everyone is unique in their health challenge, and therefore will require a unique approach to their particular condition. After a thorough history, tests, and examination, some of the therapeutic approaches are:


  • Nutritional assessment with diet modification, whole food nutrients and herbs recommended. Functional nutrition assessment through lab testing and evaluation.
  • Postural changes in lifestyle, with added exercise. Feet evaluation for foundational issues affecting posture.
  • Neuroemotional Technique evaluation: NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress.
  • Rapid Release Technology: high speed vibration to help disperse adhesions, scar tissue, trigger points, muscle tension, and eliminate pain.
  • Kinesiology testing (muscle testing for body imbalances.) Body stabilizing taping with RockTape kinesiology tape.
  • Gentle manual Chiropractic joint manipulations: by hand, or using Arthrostim ®.
  • Photobiomodulation therapy: cold laser
  • Essential Oil therapy: using DoTerra essential oils.
  • Quantum Neurology ® Rehabilitation: my favorite therapy!


Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation ... what is it?


Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a method of exercising and strengthening the nervous system by incorporating neurological activation, physical mobilization, and light therapy.


Thousands of research studies involving light therapy have been done over the last 50 years. A majority of these studies suggest that light therapy provides healing through increased oxygenation, increased lymphocyte activity, and increased energy (ATP) production. Using a patented system of evaluation and correction to find hidden neurological weaknesses, specific techniques are utilized to activate the nervous system's innate healing power with Arthrostim®, and a red LED/ infrared therapy device. Dr. Warren has been trained to find each patient's unique Neuroexpression TM pattern caused by each injury, illness, or condition, and only the nerves that are not performing properly are rehabilitated. To learn more about the healing power of Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, go to www.QuantumNeurology.com.


Additionally, Nerve Specific Nutrition TM is utilized to support the correction. A Nerve Specific Nutrition TM evaluation is performed, and then the nutrient that strengthens the patient's neurological weakness is recommended. If there are nutritional imbalances in the body, corrections will not last unless the body's health index is increased in every way possible.

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Types of conditions helped by Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation.

- Back Pain - Lower

- Back Pain - Upper

- Carpal tunnel

- Frozen Shoulder

- Headaches

- Hip Pain / Knee Pain

- Pinched Nerve

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Rotator Cuff Problems

- Sciatica

- Scoliosis

- Slipped Disc

- Tennis Elbow

- Tingling / Numbness

- Whiplash

- And more...


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